Hiking in the Cinque Terre

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Bottom left in image one is Melida Carolina Alvarez, a lady I tutor through the Asheville Literacy Council. Melida is from Venezuela, but has been living in Asheville with her husband and baby for almost a year now. Melida was a dentist in Venezuela, and is eyeing furthering her studies in North Carolina so that she can continue her professional career here in the United States. Our English sessions are designed to help prepare her for university entrance exams.

Fairly recently, Melida, her husband Diego and their baby Valeria (seen in both images) returned to Venezuela to visit their families. Hopefully you can spot Melida's parents in the photos.

Once Melida made it back to Asheville, I invited her over for an international potluck dinner at our place. She prepared a popular Venezuelan dish. It's the first one you see on the table.

Venezualan dish (Melida), Thai Spring Rolls (Kade), vegetarian Indian chickpea dish plus raita (Sunoor), a Korean dish (Aaron), Russian Beet Salad (me), Southern peach cobbler (Andi), a Mexican dish (Brantley)

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  1. Gracias por hacer mencion de mi bello Pais y familia.Un Pais con muchas riquesas,bellas personas,pero mala organizacion politica.Espero puedan conocerlo pronto.