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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sailing to Europe

In 1923, Mr. and Mrs. Major Oscar Carroll of Ozark, Alabama went on a 2 1/2 month trip to Europe. Two weeks were spent aboard the SS Conte Rosso from New York City to Naples, Italy and the SS Caronia from Liverpool, England back to New York City. The bulk of their time was spent in at least seven countries and many well-known European cities. The itinerary below and the tour group listing give all the details.

Mr. Major Oscar Carroll was a great-great-uncle of mine (and a namesake), the brother of my great-grandmother, Emma Carroll Espy.  If you click here, I believe Uncle Oscar is # 9.  On his voyage to Europe, Uncle Oscar and Aunt Mary mailed these postcards to their nephew, J.J. Espy, Jr. (Bud John) and niece Sarah Frances Espy, two of Emma's children.

SS Conte Rosso (taken from Google Image)

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  1. Just in case you don't, Uncle Oscar's wife, Mary Tarver Austin Carroll, was a well-recognized woman author of her day. She wrote poems as well as several biographies likely written for young people. I enjoyed the ones I read. I especially recall one about Aaron Burr - The Man Who Would Not Wait, and one about Oglethorpe - The Man Who Dared to Care. There was a third - Keep My Flags Flying (1945). I don't believe I ever read this last book. Aunt Frances took me to meet her once - probably when I was a teen-ager. I think we just chatted briefly at the front door. I don't think we went into her house. I recall she was very pleasant.