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Friday, December 12, 2008

On the Ground

This is the ESI Uzbekistan team. Andy and I (up top) taught English at the Tashkent Financial Institute. The others were at other city universities. From left to right, David (Pennsylvania), Kimberley (Chicago), Dawn (Portland, OR), Lance (California), Jeff (Michigan) and Jill (North Dakota/Nebraska). For me, being from small-town Alabama, just interacting with this group of Americans was a cultural experience. Out of this group, I have remained in touch with Kimberley and even visited her one year in Chicago. Also, my brother Mark and I visited the Pacific Northwest back in the mid 90s and got to experience a bit of Portland courtesy of Dawn. Perhaps even more intriguing, Dawn and a friend of hers accepted my invitation to explore the Deep South. These girls, from Seattle and Portland, got to stay in the Lake Espy cabin and even had their photo taken with the Golden Peanut in Dothan!

Ron (Montana), next to me, and Paul Choi (California), on the right, were also a part of ESI. They were working in neighboring Kazakhstan, and came over for a visit.

In upper right photo, I am wearing a sweater I bought in Delhi, India.

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  1. "Paul"from Montana is spelled "Ron." Otherwise, it's an accurate picture of a few crazy guys. I wasn't with them, but came down to visit a few weeks later. What a city! Especially enjoyed Summarkand (probably not spelled correctly either.)