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Monday, December 8, 2008

The End

The second picture is my family.  Me, my family and friends who know you, often recall you and sincerely respect you guys!   The first picture is Husniddin's family (you called him Bo).  Right of you, me and my father.  Third picture - when we been in Samarkand, with family were we stayed overnight.  - Jahon Giyasov

Three madrasahs of the Registan are: Ulugbek Madrasah (1417-1420), the Sher-Dor Madrasah (1619-1636) and the Tilya-Kori Madrasah (1646-1660). Madrasah is a medieval Moslem clergy academy. Andy and I, with the help of two students, visited the ancient city of Samarkand, where the Registan is. Samarkand is 2,750 years old.

Poets, Scientists and Rulers are remembered in the city
A statue of Ulugbek.

a Silk Road city
I thought I was going to have go home early after this basketball injury. Boy it hurt! Again, youngsters in the community where we lived seemed to marvel at the sight of us foreigners. 'Hellos' and big smiles greeted us virtually every day when we left for work and then later came home.
Zoreh is one of the most interesting people I met during my stay. She was an American professor of Iranian origin, spending a year or more in Uzbekistan studying women's rights. Nowadays, she's back in the U.S., teaching at the University of Wisconsin.

The office and teaching staff in the wing of the Tashkent Financial Institute where we worked
Two of the ladies were very instrumental in helping us do a wide variety of things - for example, finding a barber, settling problems with apartment management, shopping, etc. I owe these ladies a lot of gratitude! Mrs. Marhamat Jabbarova, whose face can only be seen in the photo, was THE PERSON who looked after us the most.

I brought back several gifts for friends and supporters.  I bought a Russian fur (maybe Sable) hat and over a dozen Uzbek knives like these.

When I returned to the USA I spoke to a handful of groups.  Once I find the second page of this article, I will it add here.  Reading back over some of the things I shared, I'd have to say I would certainly change aspects of it.  I was a bit too harsh in a couple of places, and I think I said something that's a bit too insulting, especially coming from someone who had a very limited understanding.  One day, I will expound on my current "aged perspective" and share it here.

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  1. You know, after you and my Andy left us, none of those teachers in photo could take a risk to teach us:))) The only person who took that risk and all remain classes we had passed by listening only nice complements and of course at the end of the year we got only excellent grades, was Mrs. Jabbarova:)) - Nilufar